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2019 Cost To Paint The Ceiling- Estimate Painting Price Per Square Foot

cost to paint a ceiling

The average cost of painting a ceiling is $150-300 in a standard size 10×12 room. If your ceiling has small cracks and other signs of aging, painting it is an inexpensive way to update the look and feel of the entire room. Painting a ceiling is a lot more challenging… Read more »

Cost To Paint Interior Of A House – Estimate DIY vs Contractor Prices

interior painting cost per sq ft

It costs about $2,900 -3,500 to professionally paint the interior of a 1,500 sq.ft. house. If you do the all the work yourself, you can save up to 50-60% off. Aside from the money, you need to consider how much time this project will take to do solo, your painting… Read more »

Cost To Paint A Room – Estimate Painting Cost Per Square Foot

painting cost per square foot

The average cost to paint a room is $450-650 for a 10×12 space, when you hire a professional contractor. Use this Interior Painting Cost Calculator to estimate your total price to paint a single room of any size. How Much Does It Cost To Paint One Room? If you need… Read more »

Interior Painting Cost Calculator: Get An Instant Price Estimate

Cost of Interior Painting

Paint Estimator calculates how much it will cost to professionally paint all rooms in an existing or new construction home. This price also includes the following: repair of damaged walls, and 1 coat of new paint for closets, staircases, moldings and ceilings. Estimated cost includes Labor and Materials. House Size:… Read more »