Round Glass Shower Review ($514 at Home Depot)

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CERISE Glass Round Shower - Star RatingThis Round Glass Shower Enclosure has 2.6 stars on Home Depot’s website, with 95 reviews – so why am I still planning to buy it?

There are several reasons, but the most important one – I like how it looks – very clean and modern design. I also like the price (compared to other offerings).

Lastly – I think that most people reviewing it did not do a good enough job installing this round glass shower, and that’s why it’s leaking (most people are complaining about leaks after install).

I might be wrong, but time will tell. For now, let’s do a DRY review of this glass shower. Why dry? Well – we are doing it at the Home Depot store, and there is no water connected to it 🙂

Clean, Modern Round Glass Shower Enclosure – The Price

Round Glass Shower at Home Depot

I like bathtubs, but my bathroom has a shower stall, and no space for a tub. So I have to choose between UGLY aluminum frames with fuzzy glass or a clean modern look. I want the latter. So there are not many choices, and they are all very expensive. Some are more expensive, some are less.

THe CERISE (by Delta) Round Glass Shower sold by Home Depot, is the cheapest of its kind, sold in retail.

I found a decent looking one (by Fleurco) for $464 on Amazon, with free shipping, and from a reputable 3rd party seller. But my concern is that it may get damaged during shipping, and if I don’t like it and/or want to return it – it will cost $75-100 to ship back.

With Home Depot – I can just bring it back if I don’t want it. Everything else costs from $100 to $1000 more…

Video Review

In the video above, you can see all the details of this glass shower – inside and out. I test the door sliding mechanism, analyse the water flow and possible sources of leaks, review the design and discuss how to make sure this unit will not leak.

Why this shower has 2.6 stars on the Home Depot Website

The FIRST thing I want to mention – most people who had moderate success with this shower did not bother to leave a positive review. That is just how things are – people get active when they don’t like something.

If you read the reviews, most people who either installed it themselves or hired a pro, say it leaks after install. In most cases, leaks take place either at the base, or where glass connects to the wall. So obviously, the problem is the seal between the frame/glass and walls/base.

The bottom metal rail sits directly on the base, and should be thoroughly caulked. Maybe people use cheap silicone. Maybe they caulk it wrong. I plan to use my favorite SolarSeal 900 roofing sealant (yes – it has proven to be an excellent sealant over 12 years of using it). Now you can use any sealant you want, but in my experience, Home Depot / Lowe’s do not sell anything decent.

If you want to try Solar Seal – get at least 3 tubes of CLEAR.

Most negative reviews say it leaks at the base. If you read some Positive reviews – a person who experienced a leak, went back and sealed the connection between the stationary glass and bottom rail, which stopped all leaks.

Basically – I don’t think this is a bad product – maybe Delta should have built in a sealing strip into the bottom rail to prevent this issue. Maybe there are too many contractors and homeowners with “crooked” hands out there … some guy in the reviews, hired a PLUMBER to do the job …

So anyway – read reviews (not just the 1st 5) and make your own conclusions. I will buy this product and give it my best shot. When I do, I will make detailed videos and pictures to show you how to do it.

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