10 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Kitchen Island

Unique Rectangular Shape Modern Kitchen Island

This is a unique, modern kitchen island. It features a large cooking/serving table and an attached coffee table.The kitchen island has dark color wood cabinets with white countertops.

There are SO MANY factors to consider when planning a new kitchen island.

Materials, styles, colors, functionality, aesthetics and costs all have to be accounted for….Is your head spinning?

Well, the best way to tackle this design challenge and not get a headache is to ask 10 essential questions.

The answers to these will make your task of designing a kitchen island much more manageable and enjoyable!

Think about how you use your kitchen and ask the following questions:

1. What is the overall style of your kitchen? Is it Traditional with solid wood kitchen cabinets, Rustic, Contemporary, French Country Style, etc.?

2. Do you want the kitchen island to be part of the kitchen cabinets with a matching countertop, or do you prefer for it to have its own unique look and become the focal point of the space?

3. Do you plan to cook on it?

4. Do you need the kitchen island to have ample storage space? Do you need cupboards, open shelving, a special storage area for wine, etc?

5. Do you want family members and guests to be able to eat and hang out at the kitchen island?

6. Do you prefer natural materials such as wood and stone (granite, marble), or man-made materials, such as steel, glass, laminate, etc.

7. Would like a stationary or a portable kitchen island?

8. What island size can your kitchen comfortably accommodate?

9. Would you need to incorporate appliances into your kitchen island?

10. How much from your total kitchen remodel budget are you willing to spend on the island?

Light Green, Wood Kitchen Island in a French Country Style Kitchen

This beautiful antique style wood kitchen island with a marble countertop looks amazing in this French Country style, light green kitchen

 Kitchen Island Design Tip

A kitchen island does not have to be the traditional, boring rectangular piece of cabinetry with a granite countertop. Don’t be afraid to introduce different materials, shapes and colors you love, to design a kitchen island that will be a stunning centerpiece of your kitchen.

Get some inspiration from these beautiful, unique kitchen islands, designed with a personal touch and a flare for the unconventional.

Modern Kitchen Island With Seating

If you want your family and friends to gather around the island for meals and socializing, it is important to have comfortable seating. We love the special design of this stylish beige kitchen island that offers couch-style seating, while providing enough cooking, serving and storage space. In addition to family dinners and guest entertaining, this kitchen island is a perfect spot for doing homework or working.

Dark Wood Kitchen Island with Booth Seating

This is an image of a dark solid wood kitchen island with seating. The island features a light color countertop that complements the white color of the kitchen

Purple Rustic Kitchen Island

Who said that the color of the kitchen island has to be the same as the kitchen cabinets? You can add a lot of visual interest to a classic kitchen by installing a bright color kitchen island. Here is an all white, French Country style kitchen that comes alive with the addition of the purple rustic kitchen island. In addition to exquisite visual appeal, this is an ideal kitchen island for people who love to cook.

Purple, Rustic Kitchen Island With Butcher Block Countertop in a classic French Country style white kichen

This is an image of a purple color, rustic kitchen island with a butcher block countertop. The island also features a sink, cupboards, small drawers and a large open shelf.

Contemporary Curved Kitchen Island

Modern kitchen islands come in different shapes to satisfy different aesthetic preferences. If you love shapes, you can move beyond a rectangular or square kitchen island. This ultra modern, curved kitchen island looks stunning, yet it offers a clean, simple and functional design.

Curved White Modern Kitchen Island with brown wood panel inserts

This is an image of a curved,white, modern kitchen island with wood veneer panel inserts. The island also features a cook top and a large countertop space for preparing and serving meals.

Small Portable Kitchen Island

If you are planning a small kitchen remodel, it does not mean you cannot enjoy a stylish and functional kitchen island.  A small portable kitchen island may be an ideal fit for your space. The island’s mobility offers the advantage of placing it where it is most convenient for you, whether you are preparing food or entertaining friends and family. This black solid wood portable kitchen island with ample storage is a great example of smart, functional design.  We love that the black color of the island is in such sharp contrast with the pure white kitchen, creating an elegant accent.

Black, Wood, Portable Kitchen Island

This is an image of a black, wood, portable kitchen island. It features open shelving, cupboard, small drawers and a special storage for wine bottles. Also, open shelves allow you do add beautiful pieces of dinnerware and decor.

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