Best Sink Grids for IKEA DOMSJÖ Farmhouse Sink

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Best Sink Grids for IKEA DOMSJÖ Farmhouse Sink

If you have IKEA Domsjo farmhouse sink – you know that finding protective grids / mat / liner for this sink is nearly impossible. The problem really is that Domsjo has non-standard dimensions and IKIA did not make any sort of metal protective grids for this amazing kink.

InterDesign Stainless Steel Sink Grid for DOMSJO Farmhouse Sink from IKEADomsjo double bowl sink has inner dimensions of about 13″x13″. You can’t find similar size (square) steel grids anywhere on amazon. So the alternatives are getting a rectangular grids that ar similar in size.

But fear not – I have found Stainless Steel grids, that fits just fine – InterDesign Sink Grid for just $10 – that’s right … only 10 dollars! Why I stress that point? Because if you search google for “domsjo sink grid” you get these ads for Blanco stainless grids which cost from $56 – $100.

So you get fairly similar grids for 5-10 times more!

Blanco IKEA Domsjo Steel Sink Grids

So when I was searching for these, I did not feel like paying $120 bucks for 2 pieces of metal .. So I kept on looking, but most grids that you find are weird sizes, or have a random hole in the center. Notice that DOMSJO drains are in the corners closest to centered faucet.

Why you should ONLY get Stainless Steel grids for IKEA Domsjo sink

I REALLY did not want to get plastic / rubber / silicone / vinyl sink mat, because these collect dirt, and very soon begin to stink and look awful. However some reviewers on Amazon do use this rubber sink mat also from InterDesign … but for me – Stainless Steel was a must!

Also – you really should get steel grids because if you drop a pot or a griddle into the sink, it may crack the Ceramic surface of Domsjo sink. If you use rubber mat, you may still damage ceramic surface if impact is strong enough. However – steel grids with raised legs will absorb the shock…

The Almost Perfect Stainless Steel Grids for Domsjo Double Bawl Sink

IKEA Domsjo Double Bowl Sink with Stainless Steel Grids

I call this InterDesign grid “almost prefect” because of it’s size. It’s 12.75″ x 11″ which is almost ideal. If it was 12.75″ square, it would be prefect! This grid has rubber feet for secure placement, and is 100% stainless steel! I’ve had them from the day I installed my Domsjo, and they are clean like new – no stains, no stink, no food gets stuck anywhere! And best of all – these grids cost only $10 (free shipping if you are Prime member)!

$10 Sink Grids for IKEA DOMSJÖ Farmhouse Sink

If you have a major Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and things out of proportion drive you mad – then you shouldn’t get these rectangular grids. I have mild OCD, and while it is a little annoying that these liners are not square. Once a week I think that I should find a perfect match. But when I was looking for these it took me 2 hours. So the thought of wasting another 2 hours and likely not finding the right one, stops me. Basically I can more than live with them. I really love them. Just the thought of cracked ceramic or scratches and stains on white Domsjo surface drive me insane. So i’m perfectly happy that my beautiful sink is protected for just $20!

PS – I will make another post about the maintenance and keeping this Domsjo sink clean – stay tuned.

Alternatives to Stainless Still grids

Back to rubber type mats – there are many available. Once again, none are exact fit, and once again, they will get dirty, and stinky. However some people do buy them, and use them with double bowl Domsjo sinks.

Domsjo Sink with rubber mat

Bottom line – if you are into stinking kitchen sinks than… I still don’t advise rubber mats, but the choice is yours.

I will be on a lookout for the perfect grid/liner, but for now I’m satisfied.

Bonus / Spoiler Alert Installation of IKEA DOMSJÖ Farmhouse Sink In NON-IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

I wrote a long post about installing the Domsjo in a NON-IKEA kitchen cabinet – with videos and lots of pictures. It’s somewhat complicated, but completely doable. Keep in mind – this was my first kitchen cabinets install, and I think I did a pretty good job! Here is what it looks like:

Installation of IKEA DOMSJÖ Farmhouse Sink In NON-IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Finally, you may have noticed my beautiful granite countertops – here is how we bought them, and how we saved $25 per square foot. We paid $54 vs $79 list price.

Installation of Granite Countertops Joining the seams

Here you can estimate the cost of installing countertops.

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