5 Awesome Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Unique bathroom decor, a fusion of contemporary style with old-world charm

Unique bathroom decor, a fusion of contemporary style with old-world charm

What does your favorite get away place look and feel like?

What are its unique colors, textures and smells?

These should be your guides in turning your bathroom into a personal retreat!!!

One of the biggest mistakes people make in bathroom decor and design is spending a lot of money on top of the line bathroom vanity and sink, marble tile, chic lighting, etc…

They end up with a cold and impersonal luxury 5-star hotel room bathroom that is too perfect to be user friendly.

Instead, search for bathroom accessories and pieces of decor that speak to your heart, and will make you smile every time you see them around you.

And the best part, it does not have to cost a fortune to look great!

We have put together a collection of fun and cool accessories from our favorite stores and brands (prices included) to give you some fresh bathroom design ideas that will not break your bank.

Let Your Passion Show

Do you have a favorite hobby, place, animal, etc? You can pick one or two accessories in your bathroom to let your passion show. We loved this stylish equestrian shower curtain. The black and white color palette makes it perfect for a wide range of bathroom styles from traditional to modern. This shower curtain is an ideal accent for a boy’s bathroom, or for anyone who loves horses.

Cost: $169 You don’t have to overspend on a shower curtain; there are plenty designs to choose from that cost a lost less than this designer item. For example, IKEA has a number of modern and cool design shower curtains for as low as $6.99

Find it on Amazon.com

Black and White Equestrian Fabric Shower Curtain

Black and White Equestrian Fabric Shower Curtain


Pamper Yourself

Your bathroom should have a few objects of comfort that make you feel pampered. Whether is is a plush bath mat to step on to after you shower, or bath salts for long soaks after work, find something that makes you feel like royalty. We pick these luxuriously soft, oversized Kassatex Roma Bath Towels with beautiful medallions, made of long-staple combed Turkish cotton. Towels are also perfect for introducing some new colors into the bathroom decor, and you can easily switch them, once you feel like you need to freshen up the look. Premium quality towels cost more, but having them is a real treat.


Bath Towel (30″ x 54″): $37

Hand Towel (18″ x 28″): $19

Face Cloth (13″ sq): $8

Find it at: NeimanMarcus.com

Oversized, Turkish cotton bath towels with medallions

Oversized, Turkish cotton bath towels with medallions

Decorate With Candles

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to personalize your bathroom decor is to create candle displays. Candles don’t need to be strictly about romance. In fact, you can have them in the bathroom strictly for looks and scent, and never light them:) One of a kind candle holders that reflect your personal style can make perfect bathroom accessories. The prices for candle holders vary greatly, depending on the material they are made from, and their design. To give you an idea of the great variety of candle holders you can find, check out these two very different, but very cool, handmade candle holders.

Handmade Birch Bark Candle Holders with personalized inscriptions

Handmade birch bark candle holders with personalized inscriptions

Cost: $23.95/per candle holder

Find it at: Etsy.com, BirchHouseMarket Shop

Handmade, painted wood candle holders, set of 3

Handmade, painted wood candle holders, set of 3

Cost: $68 for a set of 3 candle holders

Find it at: Etsy.com, ChunkyBabyDesigns Shop

Small Accessories Make a Big Impact

Find small accessories that you love and add them into your bathroom decor. Remember, the best accessories are those that combine function and style. Our pick: a designer ceramic Domesticated Trinket Dish, by Polish artist Marta Turowska. You can purchase either the cat or the dog separately, or enjoy them together (they make a cute duo).

Cost: $22 for each trinket dish.

Find it at: Anthropologie.com

Designer Ceramic Cat and Dog Trinket Dish

Designer Ceramic Trinket Dish “Domesticated”

Traditional Objects With Untraditional Shapes

Who said that a bathroom mirror has to be round or square? This unique set of 2 Fish Reflections Decorative Mirrors will instantly turn a boring bathroom space into a fun sea escape. Other shapes you can play with are the shape of the bath mat, bathroom vanity, and towel racks.

Cost: $160.60

Find it at: Overstock.com

Set of 2 Decorative Fish Shape Mirrors

Set of 2 Decorative Mirrors: Fish Reflections

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