Cork Floors: 21 Awesome Design Ideas For Every Room Of Your House

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The use of cork floors in various rooms of the home is growing in popularity. Homeowners love that this flooring offers warmth and comfort, hypoallergenic properties, unique design possibilities, as well as great durability.

The fact that cork is a green, renewable natural resource is another big selling point for people who want to use eco-friendly building materials.

Cork Floor Designs For Living Rooms

Cork floors can look very attractive in a wide range of living room styles, from modern to traditional.

1. The traditional, all white living room in the image below, gains a warm and welcoming look and feel with the addition of a light-brown color cork floor. This type of floor is budget friendly, as it comes in its natural color and finish.

Cork Tiles In a White Living Room

2. The colorful, modern living room bellow gains an extra edge with the addition of this zebra-like, funky cork floor. This flooring is more expensive, as the top veneer has been etched and colored to achieve this special textural effect.

Brown and Black Cork Flooring in a Modern Living Room

3. The sexy, black and while living room design becomes even more appealing with the addition of oversized cork tiles in charcoal color. In recent years, charcoal has become the new black, and is a popular color choice for modern interior design applications.

Charcoal Cork Tiles in a Living Room

4. You would have never guessed that the beautiful, richly colored hardwood floor in the eclectic living room below is actually cork. This would be a more expensive type of cork floor, but will still likely cost less than wide plank, hardwood floor (especially one of the exotic species).

Cork Flooring Panels in  Modern Living Room

5. The transitional, colorful living room below looks warm and inviting with a natural cork floor. This is one of the more budget friendly options, because it is installed as a solid sheet, as opposed to tile.

Cork Floors in a Traditional Living Room

6. This open concept, contemporary living room below looks gorgeous with a richly colored brown cork floor, installed in a tile pattern.

Cork Tiles in a Contemporary Living Room

Cork Flooring Ideas For Kitchens

Cork can be a great flooring choice for your kitchen. It is durable, comfortable and easy to clean. The only cautionary consideration is that cheaper products can be punctured and scratched by sharp objects, such as a knife.

7. The modern kitchen below comes alive with the addition of a sage color cork floor, installed as oversized tiles. Because of this unique color, the space instantly gains a designer edge.

Sage Green Cork Flooring in a Modern Kitchen

8. The stunning kitchen/dining room boasts not only an etched cork floor, but also cork wall tile panels that add an extra decorative edge.

Cork Flooring in the Kitchen

9. The traditional kitchen below with solid wood cabinets looks very cozy and personalized with the black and brown cork flooring tiles. The beauty of cork is that you can create different color patterns to suite your design ambitions.

Cork Tile Flooring in a Traditional Style Kitchen

10. The oversized kitchen below does not have a lot of furniture and cabinetry, so the unique, colorful patterns of the floor become the focal design point of the space. Notice, that you can achieve very bright colors with this material.

Cork Tiles in a Traditional Kitchen

Unique Cork Floor Designs In Bathrooms

While cork is not a very common material for bathrooms, it can still be installed. In fact, you can achieve some pretty cool designs with it.

11. The small, unassuming bathroom below gets a whole new look with a colorful cork floor. The round tile pieces look like cork bottles (maybe that is what they are). In any case, this bathroom is awesome!

Orange and Blue Cork Tiles in a Bathroom

Cork Flooring Ideas For A Master Bedroom

Cork is an ideal flooring option for a bedroom. Its soft and pleasant to the touch, warm and is a great sound insulator. You can custom design your floors to best match the overall style of your bedroom.

12.This transitional bedroom looks very inviting with the rich, mocha color floor. It contrasts beautifully with the bright yellow walls and white furniture.

Cork Tiles in a White Bedroom

13. This simple yet stylish bedroom with wood furniture looks very classy with a natural color cork floor. It perfectly complements the interior of the room and ties the design together.

Taupe Cork Floors in a Master Bedroom

14. The master bedroom below looks incredibly elegant with a brown, marble-like floor design.

Swirling Cork Flooring in a Master Bedroom

15. This modern bedroom look chic with a light color, seamless floor and beautiful cork wall panels behind the bed.

Natural Cork Flooring in a Master Bedroom

16. The modern master bedroom below comes alive with the addition of beautiful cork floors, finished in a “solar ripple” pattern.

Cork Floor in a modern master bedroom

Cork Flooring Designs For A Kid’s Bedroom And Playroom

Perhaps there is no better place for cork floors than a child’s bedroom or play room. Cork is hypoallergenic, has a soft and bouncy feel that will minimize pain from any fall accidents and is warm to the touch. It is one of the safest materials you can select for your kid’s room or play area, especially if they are little.

17. This colorful blue and green attic play room looks great with a light color cork floor. This design is budget friendly, as it comes in sheets and has the natural cork color, without any fancy modifications.

Cork floor in an attic play room

18. This bright, oversized kid’s bedroom looks very cozy and playful with a light brown cork floor that boasts a unique pattern.

Cork flooring in a kids bedroom

19. This classic looking playroom, tastefully designed with white and neutral tones looks very peaceful with a smooth, light grey floor.

Light Beige Cork Flooring in a Kid's Bedroom

20.This well-designed and coordinated boy’s bedroom looks very stylish with a light sage colored floor.

Cork flooring in a boy's bedroom

21. The cheery design of this colorful pink and yellow girl’s bedroom really comes together with a soft, neutral color of natural cork. Lack of patterns on this floor create a sense of calm and make the room look less busy.

Cork Floors in a girl's bedroom

How Much Does Cork Flooring Cost?

The price of cork floors varies depending on the quality and density of material, and the type of final finish used. Higher density translates into increased longevity and durability, but also costs significantly more.

A basic cork floor that comes in sheets and has a natural light brown color (just like cork wine bottles) can be installed for $5-12 /sq.ft. (includes labor and materials).

However, premium options can cost as much as $12-20 sq.ft. (includes labor and materials. In this price range, you have a great variety of finish options to choose from.

For example, the top veneer coat of a cork floor can be stained, colored, etched, etc., producing a beautiful array of patterns and looks. These floors can be made to replicate the look of real wood and marble.

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