15 Reclaimed Wood Flooring Ideas For Every Room

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If rustic home decor makes your heart flutter, you will love reclaimed wood flooring! What I admire most about these floors are the rich color tones and unique imperfections in the aged wood. They are beautiful to look at, and can complement your interior design in a subtle way that exudes elegance and charm.

An antique hardwood floor has a rich pallet of colors that range from light beige, shades of grey to dark chocolate brown. Many marks sprinkled throughout the floor give real character that highlights the appeal of any room.

Get design ideas and inspiration from our gallery of 15 gorgeous contemporary and traditional living rooms with reclaimed wood flooring!

What Is Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

Reclaimed hardwood is very special, because in addition to bringing exquisite beauty to your living room, it also carries a unique piece of history from its place of origin.

Typically, it is custom made from salvaged wood that came from boards, beams and other structures in historic buildings, old barns and warehouses. Most reclaimed wood flooring comes from heart pine, oak, chestnut and hickory wood. Even though the cost for reclaimed hardwood flooring is very high (at least $9-15 per square foot installed), no other material can match its timeless appeal. These floors bring warmth and distinguished character to any living room design, whether rustic or modern.

Design Tip:  Pick one or two of the prominent color tones in your floor and use them in other design and decor elements of the room, such as wall color, color of the sofa or other small accessories around the living room. You will notice that this helps create a unified and harmonious look and feel.

Where To Buy

Antique wood floors are a very niche market, because most homeowner prefer the look of brand new hardwoods. Moreover, there is a limited supply of authentic reclaimed wood, which is one of the primary reasons for the high cost.

The bottom line is that you will not find this rare flooring sold online or in most large flooring supply stores. In recent years, due to increasing consumer interest, large flooring manufacturers have started to make replicas of distressed and hand-scraped reclaimed wood, so large stores do carry these options.

For the real deal, you can source the floors from only a handful of reputable companies across the US:

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

This company is one of the most famous producers of antique wood flooring. It offers by far the best selection of woods and styles, along with antique cut nails to finish the look. Elmwood primarily works with corporate spaces, but they do service homeowners who are interested in their upscale floor offerings.

Sylvan Brandt

This is a both a mill and a distributor of reclaimed wood flooring, that has been in business for close to 60 years. One cool thing about their flooring products is that they are actually salvaged from antique floors of historic homes across the US. So you are getting an original floor with a big piece of history.

Jarmark Wood

Another very interesting company, Jarmark is a leader in the reclamation building industry. They offer staple vintage floors made from antique oak and pine, along with some unique products salvaged from industrial buildings from across the country. For example, you can purchase their Harbor Oak flooring, which is boards that measure 16 feet long!!! and have been taken from delapitated buildings along Boston’s harbor. In addition to flooring, the also offer wood for beams, ceilings and walls.

Flooring Design Ideas

Reclaimed hardwood floors in a farmhouse style living room

Rich earth tones, wide plank, aged wood flooring completes this elegant farmhouse style living room design. This antique oak floor creates a beautiful contrast with the bright white walls, ceiling and furniture of the living room. The floor helps bring out the room’s old-world charm and cozy feel.

Salvaged wood flooring in a country farmhouse style living room

This wide plank oak floor provides a beautiful foundation to this rustic living room space. The floor is a perfect complement to the natural stone fireplace, exposed wooden beams and walls, and colorful ethnic style (Ikat) fabric upholstery and area rug.

Distressed Chestnut wood flooring in a Traditional Style Living Room

Rich, dark brown tones and extra wide planks of this reclaimed chestnut wood floor add distinguished elegance to this classic living room.

Reclaimed wood flooring in a summer cottage living room

Wide plank, wood floors take center stage in this bright and airy summer cottage living room. The decor is complete with a gleaming white couch, two arm chairs, oak wood top coffee table with green glass vases and lots of decorative throw pillows.

Atique wide plank flooring in a modern living room

This ultra modern living room exudes effortless chic with oak wood flooring, green arm chair, concrete tile walls, and intricately carved wooden log bench. The light beige and brown tones of the antique floor beautifully complement the colors of the walls and other wooden accessories in the room.

salvaged hardwood flooring in a Tuscan Style Living Room

This inviting Mediterranean style, rustic living room would not be the same without the rich orange and brown tones of the reclaimed hardwood floor. A natural stone, floor to ceiling fire place, wooden antique coffee table, a classic leather arm chair, an iron clad chandelier, and a hand woven oriental rug complete the decor of this charming room.

Distressed Pine Reclaimed Wood Flooring in a Modern Loft

An open concept, modern loft touts a winning design with a stunning, multi-colored, distressed pine reclaimed wood floor. This floor beautifully synthesizes the living room, dining room and kitchen areas creating an organic flow between the spaces.

Weathered rustic flooring in a traditional style living room, Pine

This weathered pine floor is the focal point of an elegantly simple, classic living room. White french doors, light grey walls, an antique wood chest and a black leather chair are the main decorative elements of this living room.

pine wood flooring in a cottage style living room

This cottage style living room would not exude the same relaxed, unpretentious feel without a beautiful reclaimed pine wood floor. The light beige hues of the floor blend organically with the beige tones of the sofa and pillows and a pine and glass coffee table. Two navy blue sofas and fuchsia pillows create tasteful decor accents. The room is drenched in natural lighting coming from multiple french style windows and doors.

Reclaimed antique oak flooring in a living room

Reclaimed oak flooring creates a warm look and feel to this room. The floor also continues into the kitchen and hallways, creating an organic visual flow.

Wide plank, reclaimed oak flooring in a traditional living room

The golden tones of the wide plank, golden oak floors make this traditional all white living room glow. The floor texture and multiple markings contrast beautifully with the large shaggy area rug in the center of the room.

Hardwood flooring in a modern living room

The subdued grey tones of the wood floor give this modern living room a sense of classic elegance. Mustard yellow arm chair, window drapes and a blanket on a sofa in a similar yellow tone create an interesting visual interplay with the color tones of the floor. The rest of the decor is black and white: sofa, coffee table and long storage cabinet, throw pillows, and multiple black and white photos on the wall.

Reclaimed pine flooring in a cottage style living room

The gleaming pine flooring shows off all its beautiful golden tones and markings in this sun drenched cottage style living room. The walls are entirely replaced by windows, letting in a lot of natural light and offering a breathtaking view of the ocean from all sides. The room decor is minimal: a white sofa with two arm chairs, three plants and a coffee table.

Rustic Pine floors in an ultra modern living room

The decor of this ultra modern living room is taken to a whole new level with reclaimed pine flooring. The antique brown and grey floors creates a stunning contrast with an ultra modern light grey leather sectional, half-sphere shaped, charcoal coffee table and a black marble tile back wall. Other cool accessories that complete this unique interior design are a large hanging carved wood log, a small glass coffee table with a silver lamp, and an abstract painting.

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