12 Steamy Bathroom Ideas

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Modern bathroom remodeling can be summarized in three words: Spa At-Home. Luxury bathrooms are no longer exclusive to expensive hotels or high-end residences, as more and more people are going after this look and feel in their own homes. How can you transform your bathroom into a space where you can relax, let go and feel pampered?

Here are 12 hottest bathroom remodel ideas that will turn your bathroom from a functional room into an escape sanctuary.

Innovative Tile

Porcelain Stone Bathroom Tile

Porcelain Stone Bathroom Tile, Blue

Long gone are the glory days of ceramic glazed tile, and instead there is a whole new world of innovative tile possibilities. You can splurge on imported marble, but other beautiful tile choices include porcelain stone, wood, glass and metal tile. Glass tile in particular gives smaller spaces a sense of expansion and air, especially if you go for clear glass colors. Glass tile is also more resistant to mold and mildew than ceramic tile, which can be a major health benefit for people with respiratory problems. Wood tile, which is tile printed with high definition images of actual weathered wood, is quickly gaining momentum in bathroom remodeling, offering a unique, yet very natural look.

For a luxury spa feel, it is best to outfit the entire bathroom with large size tile, floor to ceiling. Keep in mind that this will also be very expensive ($10,000+), depending on the tile you choose. However, you can also transform the look and feel of your bathroom by installing just one accent tile wall or a tile backsplash behind your sink. Mosaic tile or colorful glass tile are ideal for creating a stylish design statement.

Large Walk In Shower

Large walk in shower, white and grey modern bathroom design

Large walk in shower, white and grey modern bathroom design

Walk in shower spaces are in, and many homeowners who have smaller size bathrooms are removing partial shower walls and even tearing out their bathtubs to expand the shower space. In many bathrooms, the shower space is becoming the focal design point, and to create a sense of even larger airier space, more glass is being used. Sliding glass doors are a thing of the past, and are being replaced by hinged doors and heavy glass. Some people are going for European style showers, where the entire bathroom is transformed into a pure shower space. This spa-like design looks stunning, but requires a completely tiled bathroom and proper drainage.

Double Sink Vanity

Modern Double Sink Vanity, Chocolate

Modern Double Sink Vanity, Chocolate

His and hers sinks used to be thought of as an unnecessarily luxury, but now, more and more homeowners find that it is a must-have convenience. A double sink vanity allows each person to have their own personal space and storage, making daily routines a lot more pleasant and less hectic. Moreover, a double sink vanity typically add more visual interest to bathroom design, as each one can have its own unique aesthetic. With so many minimalist designs, it is now possible to fit a double vanity even in a small bathroom.

Smart Shelving and Storage

Modern Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Modern Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Space-saving bathroom storage cabinets are a must if you want to create a serene space, without clutter. Since many bathrooms are fairly small, shelving and vertical storage is becoming a top choice, as it offers a modern design and saves a lot of space. Many homeowners find that tower drawers, which start at the countertop height and go up, are very convenient, since all the stuff is right within your reach. If you are interested in recreating a clean, minimalist spa look, you can install decorative storage solutions that cover and conceal fixtures.

Radiant Floor Heating for Extra Comfort

Bathroom Radiant Floor Heating

Bathroom Radiant Floor Heating


On a winter day, stepping out from a shower onto a cold tiled bathroom floor can feel downright unpleasant. In-floor radiant heat is an awesome and cost-effective way to eliminate this discomfort from your daily routine. It is also possible to incorporate electronic heat-mat systems into the walls and floors of an open shower, so that it warms up faster. For energy efficiency, be sure to attach your heated-flooring system (more info – bathroomheater.org/bathroom-remodeling-trends-for-2013.html) to a timer, so that you don’t waste energy and money. Also, you can add electric or radiator-style towel warmers for additional comfort.

Designer Lighting

Designer bathroom lighting fixtures

Designer bathroom lighting fixtures


One of the hallmarks of luxury bathrooms is designer lighting fixtures. If you do not have a large budget, you can go for one elegant accent piece of lighting, such a crystal chandelier above a bathtub. Other accent lighting ideas include back-lit mirrors and LED color changing shower heads. Chromatherapy (using mood-enhancing colors) is also a popular trend in contemporary bathroom remodels.

Add Some Steam

Steam Room

Steam Room, Spa at home


If you love the feeling of relaxing in a steam/sauna at a fitness club or a spa, you can bring that experience right into your own home by installing a steam room. This is a major renovation project, where you will need to completely reconfigure your bathroom space to include the following:

1. A sloping ceiling to drain condensation

2. Tile or marble on all surfaces, floor to ceiling

3. A seat

4. A vapor-tight door, that will enclose and insulate the steam room on all sides.

A steam room can be costly, depending on the size and level of luxury you desire. To transform your existing bathroom into a steam room can cost anywhere between $2,500 -7,000, while to build a new extension to house the steam room can range from $5,000-18,000. Although it may seem like too much hassle, the relaxation and health benefits of steam may just be worth all the extra effort.

Entertain Yourself

High-Tech Bathroom Accessories

High-Tech Bathroom Accessories


Since many people are spending a lot more time in the bathroom, there is a growing need for various forms of entertainment. After all, you can only soak in a bathtub for so long without getting bored. Entertainment options abound. There are high – tech bathroom accessories, where electronics such as flat screen TVs and stereo systems are operated remotely at the touch of a button. A neat idea is to install the TV screen behind a mirror, so you don’t even know it is there until it is turned on. Another great entertainment option for shower enclosures is to install built-in waterproof speakers and an MP3 or an IPod dock, so you can listen to your favorite music, while you shower.

Multiple Shower Heads

Multiple Shower Heads

A multiple shower head system is such a delightful convenience that if you have ever used one in a hotel, you would want it for your own bathroom. With multiple shower heads, you and your spouse can adjust your own shower head to ideal height and water pressure settings and never worry about inconveniencing one another again. There are also fancy high-tech multi-head shower systems, such as Kohler’s DTV shower, which comes fully loaded with a control system for shower pressure and water temperature, chromatherapy, steam, and a built-in stereo system. All of these features are remote controlled from an LCD screen, mounted on a wall.

Step into a Soaking Tub

A freestanding bathtub, white

A freestanding bathtub, white

In the 80’s and 90’s, a Jacuzzi used to be a staple luxury fixture in upscale homes. However, in the past decade, more people have gotten attracted again to the quiet, peaceful experience you get from a good old soaking tub. A freestanding bathtub is a must-have feature of modern bathroom design (provided your space can accommodate it). While there are many materials to choose from,  typically the modern soaking tub is a deep insulated vessel with soft curves and a sleek look. Alternatively, you can go for the classic claw foot bathtub or an exotic wood Japanese soaking tub. Another feature that distinguishes these freestanding bathtubs is that there is no decking around them, making it very easy to get in and out.

Privatize the Toilet

Privacy wall for toilet in a modern master bathroom

Privacy wall for toilet in a modern master bathroom

One of the hottest trends in upscale master bathroom remodeling is giving the toilet its own separate space. Solutions can range from completely walling off the toilet, so it stands in its own small private room, installing a privacy wall, or a partial divider made of glass (or frosted glass). In a small bathroom, you can install a decorative panel or an ornate wooden screen between between the vanity and the toilet.

Let There Be Light

Natural  Lighting, Master Bathroom Design

Natural Lighting, Master Bathroom Design


One of the top requests in many bathroom remodeling projects of recent years is to add natural light. People are now interested in having very bright, sun-filled bathrooms, which means that the staple one window no longer does the trick. To let more light into your master bathroom, consider putting in two-three windows. Skylights are also a great design choice, which is quickly gaining popularity. If you really want to splurge on your bathroom remodel and have an extra bedroom with a bunch of windows to spare, you can turn it into your master bathroom sanctuary.


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