10 Modern Kitchen Island Designs

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In recent years, the kitchen island has emerged as a focal point of a remodeled kitchen, because it combines such essential features as a food prep and storage station, guest seating and eye catching design.

The biggest trend in modern kitchens is creating an open layout, which seamlessly flows into the living room space. Consequently, there is a lot more demand for kitchen islands with decorative and comfort features that look and feel like furniture.

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Black Kitchen Island With Storage

Set in a contemporary black kitchen, this large kitchen island with seating and storage is perfect for organizing and displaying all your stuff, as well as entertaining guests. There is seating for 2 and a large counter for cooking and serving meals.

What Are The Must-Have Features Of A Kitchen Island?

Here are the essential features that state of the art kitchen islands share:

– custom shapes
– reflective surface countertops
– open shelving for display
– unique combinations of natural and man-made materials, such as wood and metal.
– multi-purpose: a single island can be a place to cook and serve food, eat, mingle with family and friends, work and study
– there is a growing demand for small kitchen islands and carts that are portable
– oversized kitchen islands are very trendy
– the most popular materials include stainless steel, zinc, solid wood, laminate, concrete, quartz, and recycled glass. Marble is still often used in high-end, custom made kitchen islands. However, granite has become a lot less popular.

Best Designs

Take some inspiration from these 10 popular kitchen island ideas.

1. Multi-Functional

White kitchen island features a pink quartz countertop, an attached butcher block table, a cook top, open shelving, cupboards, and seating.

Kitchen Island with seating

2. Classic style with a modern flair

This gorgeous marble top kitchen island would be an ideal fit in a traditional style kitchen. At the same time, it features a robust clean design that is very contemporary. has a cook top and ample space for cooking and serving food.

Green Marble Kitchen Island

3. Kitchen Island With Booth Seating

This kitchen island is all about comfort and style. It is L-shaped with booth seating, looking out on to the deck. The island features a light beige Quartz countertop and ample cupboard storage space. The countertop surface is large enough for cooking and serving meals.

Beige Kitchen Island With Seating

4. Round, Small Kitchen Island

This spaceship-like kitchen island is simply stunning. Its small size leaves plenty of floor space to move freely around the kitchen. Smart design with black storage cupboards, and lighting over the white countertop.

Black and White, Small Kitchen Island

5. Butcher Block Kitchen Island

This solid wood, extra long butcher block kitchen island is ideal for modern industrial style kitchens and for people obsessed with cooking. It features a cooktop, two sinks and two rows of open shelving.

Butcher Block Island with cooktop and sinks

6. Double Island Kitchen

These two sleek, rectangular islands add an edge to the design of this modern kitchen. White with grey countertops, a sink and minimal seating, these kitchen islands are perfect for serving food and entertaining guests.

White and Grey Double Island Kitchen

7. Oversized Kitchen Island

This extra large, L-shape kitchen island is beautifully designed with dark an light color wood tones and a light grey two-tier countertop. It has got everything you need for cooking and entertaining: a cooktop, plenty of storage and an attached table with seating room.

Extra Large, Two-Tier Kitchen Island

8. Kitchen Island With Storage

You can do just about anything on this sleek, extra long, marble countertop top kitchen island. Ample storage drawers, a sink, a cooktop and seating for at least two people make it ideal for loft apartments or open concept kitchens. Neutral colors of the island work well with the beige and brown colors of the cabinetry, flooring, and other furniture.

Large Kitchen Island with Marble Countertop and Storage

9. Industrial Kitchen Island

This cool-looking, all steel industrial kitchen island is ideal for cooking. Features a sink and bar seating for five people. The island’s steel surface beautifully reflects the overhead hanging lights.

Steel Industrial Kitchen Island with bar seating

10. Curved Kitchen Island

This black and white kitchen island impresses with its spectacular curved design and exceptional functionality. Featuring a double sink, a large cooktop and seating, it has everything you need to create cooking magic with style.

Black and White Curved Modern Kitchen Island

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