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Siding Calculator – Estimate House Siding Prices

The siding estimator will help you calculate siding replacement cost, for Vinyl, Wood (cedar), or Hardie siding (composite) materials, as well as removal of old siding, adding insulation, wrapping window and door frames with flat-stock aluminum (copping). Price estimates of this calculator include both Labor and Materials. House Footprint: x… Read more »

6 Best House Siding Materials – Pros, Cons and Prices

Wood Siding on a Contemporary Home

Are you trying to pick the right siding for your house, while feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? You’re not alone! While there are what seems like dozens of options, you want to select the one that is the┬ábest fit for your home, budget and personal style. We… Read more »

Vinyl Siding Prices

Why did we create this guide? Because it is very difficult even for us to find any siding materials prices online. Even the big home improvement chains are horrible at providing information on their websites, and when you find the product you like, you won’t know how much material you… Read more »

HARDIE Siding Prices

If you are planning to install new house siding you will have about 4 choices, and the costs will vary greatly. Here we will review in detail how much it costs to buy and install James Hardie Siding. Many people dislike vinyl siding because “it looks cheap” or because “it… Read more »