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Modern Kitchen FlooringDo you feel that your home needs an uplift, but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas that will inspire you to make your living space more attractive and enjoyable to live in, or help prepare your house for a sale.


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How to Install a Bidet: ZenBidet Hot & Cold Water Attachment

How to Install a Bidet

In this guide, we will review step by step, how to install a bidet. We will use the example of the Zen Mechanical Bidet attachment, a super popular model on Amazon. This particular bidet attachment is a dual-nozzle, hot and cold water bidet. There are many similar products out there… Read more »

Wood Siding Cost: Quickly Estimate Your Material and Installation Prices

Wood Siding Cost

Wood siding is one of the most beautiful, versatile and durable siding materials. Because of the wide range of wood species and board styles available, wood siding cost can vary greatly, from affordable to high-end. This siding is not limited to any particular architectural style. While it is often installed… Read more »

Cost to Paint a Room – Estimate Labor, Materials & Total Price

One of the quickest ways to give your room a new look is to put on a fresh coat of paint. Find out HOW MUCH it costs, and even Calculate prices yourself, in just seconds! Here, you will find a break down of how much you can expect to pay… Read more »

Cost To Upgrade Electrical Panel To 200 amps

Cost To Upgrade Electrical Panel To 200 amps

Do you want to add an appliance or device that uses up a lot of electricity, but your electric panel does not have the capacity to handle the extra usage? Many homeowners currently face this issue, because in the majority of homes, electrical panels are usually 100 amp. In many… Read more »

Make Clean Drinking Water Using Only Sun’s Energy


When you think of droughts and lack of clean drinking water, most likely you imagine this problem in poor third world like India or Zimbabwe. However, the reality is that even in the USA not everyone has access to clean, safe drinking water. Many people in various parts of our… Read more »