5 Best Garbage Disposals For Any Budget ($70 – $300+)

InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal

A quality garbage disposal can make cooking and keeping your kitchen clean a lot more efficient. Once you figure out how much food waste you make and what features are essential, it is easy to pick a machine that offers what you need, at the right price. Here is an… Read more »

Remodeling Costs for 2017

This Remodeling Prices Guide (updated for 2016) will help you research and understand the cost of most common renovation and construction projects. This comprehensive list includes costs of over 25 types of Interior Remodeling, Exterior Construction and Mechanical (HVAC / Plumbing / Electrical) projects, grouped by type. Most remodeling costs… Read more »

5 Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets


A pull down faucet is great if you love the high-arch aesthetic, prefer to have a few different sprayer options, have a deep sink, and want innovative features such as motion sensors to control water flow. If you are not sure which product will best suit your needs, check out… Read more »

5 Best Kitchen Faucets for 2017


Are you looking to replace your old kitchen faucet? There are hundreds of products to choose from ranging in style, functionality and, of course, price. Choosing the right faucet will not only transform the overall look of your kitchen, but will also make your tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Because… Read more »

Best Sink Grids for IKEA DOMSJÖ Farmhouse Sink

Best Sink Grids for IKEA DOMSJÖ Farmhouse Sink

If you have IKEA Domsjo farmhouse sink – you know that finding protective grids / mat / liner for this sink is nearly impossible. The problem really is that Domsjo has non-standard dimensions and IKIA did not make any sort of metal protective grids for this amazing kink. Domsjo double… Read more »