Oil vs Gas Boiler: Which is Better?

Gas boiler Installation

If you have a hydronic heating system, and need to replace your boiler, the biggest question is should you install a gas or oil boiler? Making a switch from oil to gas and vice versa can cost thousands of dollars, so its important to understand the benefits of each. Lets… Read more »

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

Double bowl undermount stainless steel kitchen sink

Do you want to avoid kitchen sink leaks, mold, and in worst case scenario having to replace your cabinets and countertops? Then, when you are shopping for a new kitchen sink, it’s important to consider the sink’s performance and usability, 5 or even 10 years from the day you install… Read more »

5 BEST Bidet Attachments You Will Fall In Love With

Bidet Toilet Attachment

If you want to make your bathroom more comfortable and luxurious, installing a mechanical bidet attachment may be just what you need. This attachment is an inexpensive and easy option to retrofit your existing toilet into a bidet with a range of personalized wash settings and temperature controls. Until recently,… Read more »

Hydronic Heating System Installation Costs

Hydronic heating system

Many older homes have a hydronic (radiator) heating system that uses a boiler. However, if you are building a new home or doing a major remodel, you may prefer to install a hydronic heating system as opposed to a central furnace, because of greater efficiency and improved temperature control throughout… Read more »

Cost To Upgrade An Electrical Panel to 200 amp

electrical panel overload

Are you looking to add an appliance or device that uses up a lot of electricity and your current electric panel does not have the capacity to handle the extra usage? This is an issue that many homeowners currently face, because in the majority of homes (especially ones that have… Read more »