How to Install a Bidet: ZenBidet Hot & Cold Water Attachment

How to Install a Bidet

In this guide, we will review step by step, how to install a bidet. We will use the example of the Zen Mechanical Bidet attachment, a super popular model on Amazon. This particular bidet attachment is a dual-nozzle, hot and cold water bidet. There are many similar products out there… Read more »

Hardie Board Siding Cost: Calculate Prices For Your House Now

Hardie Board Cost

Out of all fiber cement siding options, Hardie Board is most famous for durability, beauty and style options. Many homeowners across the US, also appreciate the safety they get with Hardie siding, as it is both fire and storm resistant. While this high-end siding comes at premium cost, it is… Read more »

Vinyl Siding Cost: Quickly Calculate Your House Siding Price

Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator

Compared to all siding materials, vinyl siding cost remains the lowest. This is why year after year, vinyl siding is the Number 1 Choice for most homeowners in America. Vinyl offers an unbeatable combination of durability, wide range of colors and styles as well as an affordable price. Use our… Read more »

Wood Siding Cost: Quickly Estimate Your Material and Installation Prices

Wood Siding Cost

Wood siding is one of the most beautiful, versatile and durable siding materials. Because of the wide range of wood species and board styles available, wood siding cost can vary greatly, from affordable to high-end. This siding is not limited to any particular architectural style. While it is often installed… Read more »

LP Smart Side vs Hardie Plank: Which Siding Is Better For Your House?

LP Smart Side Vs James Hardie

LP Smart Side for engineered wood vs. Hardie Plank for fiber cement? While LP siding is the newcomer to the residential market, with only about 20 years in business, its popularity across the US is growing very fast. In fact, many faithful Hardie Plank homeowners, contractors and builders have switched… Read more »